The Digital Learning for Development Research Network (DL4D) seeks to examine how digital learning may be used in developing countries to address issues of equity, quality, and efficiency at all educational levels, from early childhood to higher and continuing education, in formal, non-formal, and informal settings. DL4D aims to answer the following general research questions:

  1. How, to what extent, and under what conditions are equity, quality, and efficiency goals being met through the adoption of digital learning innovations?
  2. What are the requirements for the localization and customization of digital learning innovations given the diversity of developing country contexts?
  3. What are the prospects for sustainability of effective digital learning innovations?
  4. What are the possibilities and limitations for scaling up effective digital learning innovations?

DL4D has four key research themes: massive open online courses (MOOCs), intelligent tutoring systems, digital game-based learning, and learning analytics. These innovations leverage opportunities created by emerging digital technologies and changing patterns of technology adoption and use in the region, and if deployed appropriately may help address the challenges of improving educational equity, quality, and efficiency in developing countries.