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Guidebook on Game Development for Early Literacy Learning in Developing Countries

The Guidebook is an evidence-based practical guide for designing, developing and deploying effective digital games for early literacy learning in developing countries. The Guidebook’s target audience is game developers, instructional designers, practitioners, researchers, education leaders, and international and national agencies involved in improving early-grade reading instruction. The Guidebook describes the key principles that inform digital [...]

Mobile Gamification-based Language Learning in Mongolia: Toward a Participatory Learning Model

The goal of this research is to investigate how gamification and social media can be incorporated into the design of an effective mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) program in developing countries to promote authentic contextualized learning experiences. Our initiative aims to address the limitations of current literacy and language learning practices in several developing countries that [...]

Investigating The Impact of Game Based Learning Using Tablets in Learning Mathematics for Primary School Students in Pakistan

Numerous possibilities are arising from advancements in mobile-based technology today. The advantages are being applied to education and training in a variety of ways including integrating digital tools into classroom instruction. One such strategy is digital game-based learning using tablet computers. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of a game-based tablet [...]