MOOC for Higher Education in Nepal


Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. It has a literacy rate of 63.9% and out of 31 million people only 3.8 million people are familiar with the Internet. Those who are living in urban areas know much about new technologies, and those who are enrolled at university know about massive open online courses (MOOCs). But no university in Nepal has offered a MOOC to date. This research intends to design, develop, implement, and evaluate a MOOC on “Fundamentals of Programming Using C.” The research aims to determine the opportunities for the higher education sector in Nepal that are posed by MOOCs, the challenges faced by Nepali students when participating in MOOCs, and the factors that need to be considered in the design and implementation of MOOCs in Nepal.

Principal Investigator: Manoj Shakya, Kathmandu University, Nepal


Sushil Shrestha, Kathmandu University, Nepal

Rajesh Manandhar, Kathmandu University, Nepal

Research Site: Nepal (nationwide)