Micro-climate studies in a STEM-based curriculum using open-source hardware and software


This research is a design for schools in developing countries (such as Indonesia) to leverage a networked mesh of open-source environmental sensors to help teachers surface students’ evolving intuitions and conceptions about their local microclimate through a STEM-based curriculum. Data polled from the sensors is represented visually in an immersive environment which is a facsimile of the school campus. Students’ intuitions about geography and other disciplinary domains are – by definition – tacit, yet they are critical in shaping understanding of broader disciplinary concepts. Through surfacing such intuitions in ways which are authentic to the students, the former become boundary objects which can subsequently be dialogued about with peers and teachers.

Principal Investigator: Kenneth Lim

Co-investigator: Ari Widodo, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Indonesia

Research Site:  Bandung, Indonesia