Guidebook on Game Development for Early Literacy Learning in Developing Countries


The Guidebook is an evidence-based practical guide for designing, developing and deploying effective digital games for early literacy learning in developing countries. The Guidebook’s target audience is game developers, instructional designers, practitioners, researchers, education leaders, and international and national agencies involved in improving early-grade reading instruction.

The Guidebook describes the key principles that inform digital game development for developing country contexts in support of learning the five component skills of reading and practicing reading. The principles are expected to be at different levels: content, pedagogy, technology and learning context. In addition, this Guidebook features at least 10 case studies of the use of digital games in existing early literacy learning projects. These case studies 1) describe how digital games have been integrated into the overall early literacy intervention; 2) analyze the design of the digital games used; 3) examine how design and development processes have been managed; and 4) evaluate the effectiveness of the use of digital games in achieving their intended purpose.

This project is co-funded by All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (ACR-GCD).